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Go with the Flow

Spring weather in the Pacific Northwest can be tricky to navigate. We have days that can start with sprinkles, turn to sunshine, and then switch to hail in a matter of hours. I liken spring weather in the northwest to someone with hormonal issues... cold, hot ,cold, freaking hot, freezing, mild... you get the picture...(and I can totally relate, by the way). Layering becomes an art form and we have to get kind of creative to keep up with the constant changes in climate we're faced with in one day. So we go with the flow...

Embracing change can be tough sometimes, and embracing the change in temperature in one day can also be cause for feeling challenged. One solution that works for me is the duster...or kimono... or long, light jacket. All fall under the same category in my book, because they offer enough coverage to keep me warm, but also aren't made of fabric that will cause sweat to drip down my face when the sun comes out.

For this look I paired a light duster that flows with extra wide-leg jeans. These are actually about a decade old that I kept because I just knew they'd come back... and low and behold you can find similar styles at Topshop right now! Boom!

The Pinstripe Duster Coat is from Forever 21, and I'll be honest, the fabric is beautiful. The weight is light, the length works for my height (short), and the stripes are perfect. It comes in a gorgeous rust color as well as a multi striped mix and I'm seriously considering picking that one up too!

Style is a funny thing when you're in your middle years and I love to experiment. There are times when I totally feel like I want to be funky and free, and then there are times I feel like I want a more refined look. I think at my age I can have it both ways, because really it's what's on the inside that counts. If you can go with the flow, change things up every now and then, and own the looks you create, you've got nothing to lose!

Summer is still officially a month and a half away, so we're not quite done with the crazy shifts in weather here. Girls from the Pacific Northwest know that it's too early to pack the sweaters away, but for the days that start to show signs of light from behind the clouds, a light duster jacket is the way to go.

Happy Friday my friends, and to all those mommies out there, have a very Happy Mother's Day!



All photos were shot on location at Alma Mater Tacoma by the amazing Winsome Bye of Winsome Photography.

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