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Recovering from a Tropical Vacation requires a Luxurious Coat... Trust me, it can seriously snap you

Returning home from a fabulous tropical vacation can be a bit of a buzz kill, especially if you live in a cold and rainy locale, like Seattle. As beautiful as it can be in summer, the weather in the winter can really bring a girl down. Between the rain, the rain, and the rain... trying to pull myself out of the winter blues can be a task at time, but one of my tricks to brighten my spirit is finding cozy coats to lift my mood. This particular coat by Lovers +Friends has become a favorite this season.

The brand Lovers + Friends is one of the hottests brands out there right now, and the story behind it's beginning is a real inspiration. I love supporting lines owned and operated by women, so for me this is a no-brainer. Raissa Gerona started Lovers +Friends in 2010 after a failed attempt at a different line pre-economic downturn. The story here is that she didn't give up, stuck with her dream, and continued to create. We're all the lucky ones now.

The coat, though... First, the color.. "millennial pink" is the shade of this winter, but let's talk about the feel. I don't know what this coat is made out of, but it feels like I'm wearing a plush blanket by Little Giraffe. If anyone has had a baby in the last decade, they know what I'm talking about. I feel cocooned in this luxurious fluff and there isn't a single severe weather report that can deter me from venturing out, now that this coat is in my possession.

For this shoot I layered it over a cute mono-chromatic skirt and sweater from H and M. I liked the combination of the deep wine color and the pink as they share a similar hue. Otherwise, this coat is usually on me with a tee-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, my go-to mom outfit.

Some might say I have a coat problem, but when you live in a place that boasts nine months of chilly weather, I can't really feel that badly. I'm out and about all the time, and I need warmth and style, and not necessarily in that order. This cozy number serves both of those needs. You can find it at the Lovers + Friends website or Revolve Clothing, and it also comes in baby blue (uh-oh),

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