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"Gray's Anatomy"... How to make a plain gray coat a little more fun.

I think I may have mentioned this before in some of my posts, but I'm really all about warm weather, which is funny since I live in a place that only sees about one hundred fifty days of sunshine per year.. and I even think that's a stretch. Still, this gives me a chance to wear cozy sweaters, fun coats, and boots galore. Black coats tend to be pretty standard around the Seattle area, so I'm always excited to find alternatives to the norm. I've talked about this specific coat in an earlier post, but I decided to spice it up a bit for a different style today.

I picked this gray duster at H&M earlier in the fall thinking it would be cute paired with some tennis shoes and jeans for a really casual look, but I've been playing with it a bit and have decided it's one of my favorite coats right now because of it's versatility.

I decided to stick with the same color turtleneck from H&M for my base, and added this fun Mongolian Lamb Fur scarf I found on eBay, of all places. I tend to hunt for unique pieces, and this one stood out to me.

I picked up these little kitten heel white booties from Nordstroms. I'll be honest, they sat in my closet for a little bit before I decided wear them, mostly because I was waiting for a day when it wasn't wet and rainy outside, but also because it's such a step out of the normal, black boots I usually grab when I'm running around. I love these though. They're comfortable, whimsical, and super on trend. Plus, they are affordable... and when the financial focus is school tuition, college funds, and family vacation, spending a fortune on trendy white boots would probably be frowned upon by my financial advisor.

Adding a little texture to a plain coat can change your entire look... and if you've read anything else I've written or follow my Instagram account @thewethergirl , you know I love furry details.

Every winter I find ways to survive the freezing weather, the rain, and the gray skies. Planning trips to tropical getaways is one way. The other way is having fun with my winter wardrobe! For info on all the pieces in this post see below.. For now, here's to surviving the cold, girls!

Coat: H&M

Turtleneck: H&M

Scarf: eBay

Booties: Nordstroms

Bag: Prada

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