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Leopard Fierce

One of my most favorite accessories is a leopard print anything. Normally I'll wear the animal print on my feet in the form of pumps or boots, or I carry a furry clutch.... I have a big faux fur fluffy leopard print coat that I bought a few years ago at Aritzia and it's been a staple in my winter wardrobe for at least two seasons. This fall, however, I found an amazing Leopard print duster from House of Harlow on the Revolve website, and I think I've died and gone to heaven. Did I mention it's pony hair ? Yes. Seriously.

I can't remember where I saw it.. most likely online, but Nichole Richie was sporting it over a gorgeous yellow silk skirt and sweater, and as much as I'd love to wear that exact outfit, my life and my skin tone aren't fit to don that particular ensemble. She looked amazing though.

I went more "me" and my life, which is jeans and a tee with a little bit of fluff. The thing about a leopard print coat, or shoes, or bag, is that it screams, "I got this!" and even if I may not feel that I actually have "got this", it's a great way to make me appear like I do!

However, you do have to be a little careful with animal prints. If you overdo it, you can end up looking like you belong in the zoo, on the street corner, or in the "Don't" section of Glamour Magazine with a black line photo-shopped over your eyes. My advice is to stick to one item of clothing or one accessory per outfit, or you may look like you're trying to blend into the Serengeti.

The fabulous thing about leopard print is that you can dress it up or dress it down. You can wear it with neutrals or add it to bright colors. You can be casual or formal. It's like the miracle print. Still, I prefer to wear leopard anything with jeans and light colors for a playful look, but when I'm feeling more like a grown-up, I'll just go with black or neutral. You really don't need much more when you have leopard print in your life. Oh, but don't forget lipstick. Lipstick helps you look like a grown up.

For fun I decided on the fluffy feather trend and picked these little heels by Steve Madden. Super unpractical and completely unfit for the weather in the greater Seattle area, but honestly, who cares? The color is so sweet and innocent, and the style is almost NSFW. It's so me. I probably wouldn't wear them to my kids' soccer games or to a parent/teacher meeting, but date night? Yes! GNO? Go for it! Lunch with bestie? Totally.

The bottom line, girls, is that you should all have a little leopard in your life. Don't fear the leopard, embrace her. Whenever you can add a piece to your wardrobe that elicits a fierce, sexy, strong and confident attitude, there shouldn't be any hesitation. It seems like we're on a roll right now, ladies, and the momentum to show our power is now. Leopard print might just push everything over the edge. So go ahead. Be Leopard Fierce!



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