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Bright Ideas: Yellow for the win!

With the shift in weather and the sunshine starting to peak through in small doses, I tend to want to unpack my summer wardrobe and toss my sweaters into the bin.. then the clouds roll back in and I'm reminded that although the golden rays of vitamin D are close to returning on a more regular basis, it's still pretty chilly outside and in no way is it tank top and short season. Still, the sunshine has me excited about summer colors, and lucky for me, this spring, Yellow is the trend.

My style swings between skirts, jeans, and sweats, with a heavy emphasis on jeans (and sweats). When I do opt for a skirt, I usually choose a midi just because mini skirts are a little too young for me now and maxi skirts just don't work for my body type. I found this pleated skirt at Zara, and loved the deep rich colors that worked beautifully this fall. But since I'm transitioning to spring goodness, I thought it would look cute with the bright yellow sweater I found at H and M, and it's on sale right now for $17.99!

To add length to my legs I usually go for neutral heels, and these pink suede CL's are some of my favorites. To break up the bright sweater, I added my Marc Jacobs Snap Shot crossbody bag, and my tried and true Levis Ex-Boyfriend Trucker jacket, because, let's not lie.. it's still officially winter until March 21st, and in the Pacific Northwest that can still mean temperatures in the 30's and 40's.

What started me really taking notice to the yellow trend was this Jacket by Zara. I found it after clicking on their latest add campaign they emailed me, and oh how I am loving this piece. It's your traditional biker style, but the color is wild and definitely brightens the mood. This will carry me through the summer nights and to top it off the price is affordable at $69. Plus, it's vegan leather.

Taking a cue from the other current trend I've reported on, I paired it with some culotte jeans by Blank Denim, and of course, another pair of neutral heels from Christian Louboutin. The heels are in my top tens currently, even though I purchased them last summer. When you buy something that is well-made and is a neutral color, it can last season after season.

The jacket has a neon look, but it's not so intense that it's hard to pair clothing with. For me the answer is light jeans and simple colors, even pastels, so nothing is competing with the yellow. It's so easy to opt for black or gray when you live in a rainy part of the earth, but choosing a fun, bright color like yellow can really add that extra touch to your wardrobe, and can certainly change your mood from gloomy to brilliant!

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment, and happiness. Why wouldn't you want to wear that and evoke those emotions to others you meet?

Super saturated shades of yellow are all the rage right now, and lastly I bring you the mustard yellow trend. First spotted last year during fashion week, and we know how this all works, the trends take a while to get to us through retail and magazines, then make their way into our wardrobes. I'm loving it though. Once I could stop thinking about my mother's kitchen floor in the 70's it was all good!

I found the perfect match between my Zara sweater with little pearl details on the sleeves, a satin skirt from Lavish Alice , and my Perry Faux Fur Coat from House of Harlow. I've written about this coat before, and it's so worth the $278. It's so versatile and the faux pony hair is over the top. You can still find this beauty on Glasses are Gray Ant, and although they come as sunglasses, they are Rx so they can be converted to prescription.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says the uptick in yellow as a wardrobe choice, is partly driven by the current cultural climate: "It's the color of sunshine, which with it, brings a sense of joy and hopefulness - and people want more optimism." Plus it's guaranteed to turn heads. She says, "Physiologically, in a field of colors, your eye will inherently travel to yellow first." I say grab that yellow shade of goodness and be the one people notice. Be the one that brings a smile to others. Wear that happiness on the outside, as well as on the inside, and be a symbol of positivity!

And remember girls, always look on the bright side!



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