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Culottes... Let's talk.

So.. thinking that spring is right around the corner has me pondering about a trend I kind of resisted in the beginning, but I'm going to be honest... I'm jumping in. I did the same thing when skinny jeans first hit the street with Kate Moss ten or so years ago. I was absolutely against that idea, since all I knew for a decade or more were first, weird fitting mom jeans (and I wasn't a mom then), and then 7 For All Mankind bootcut. Let me remind you, I'm almost 50, so I've seen a thing or two and I've done the wide-leg, bucklebacks, the bootcut, the San Fransisco Riding Gear, Calvin's, 501's , the Victoria Beckham collab with Rock n Republic, Low Ride True Religion, .. good lord.. If we could write our life stories based on jean styles, that would be a book. I digress...

A couple of weeks ago I hit Bellevue Square with my family and saw these cute Camo Wide Leg Trousers (a.k.a. culottes) on a mannequin at Top Shop. I had to try, and mind you, I'm not that tall, my body is more boyish than curvy lady, so this style can be tough unless you're slim wasted and tall. I'm here to tell you that even my kids thought they were cute. This is always a good thing, since I have a daughter in middle school and she can be a tough critic! And typical to Top Shop, they are affordable too.

Did I mention I'm not that tall? Well, my fix for that is heels, and I chose neutral pumps because I always feel like nude heels really elongate my legs. It's still cold around here too, so even thought I chose a light blue hue to pair with the camo's , I had to go with my LPA Feather Jacket over my Zara blouse.

To finish the look, I'll be honest, I was thinking about what my life is like on a day to day basis. Much of my time is spent in tennis shoes and jeans, running around taking care of kid stuff, dog stuff, and mom stuff. Occasionally when I get my cute on, I still have the responsibilities of life on my mind and all of the things I need to tote around with me, so I chose my Goyard Chevron Saint Louis. I would usually use this larger bag for travel, but honestly, often times it seem I end up with things I need to carry around that just won't fit into a cross body bag, like a horse riding helmet, or dance clothes, kind bars, and water bottles for after school activities. Moms, you know the drill.

Bottom line, is that I'm loving these Camo Wide Leg Trousers.. a.k.a Culottes. I used to wear culottes in the second grade. I'd pair them with striped knee highs and tennis shoes. It was a look I was so proud of I have pictures of me in that very outfit on the first day of school. I rocked it. Fast forward 40 years and here we are again.. only better. Much better.

Here's to new throwbacks!




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