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Five Cold Weather Coats that Will Keep You Hot this Season.

When it comes to the cold weather, I must admit, I'm a real wimp. Facing the rain, sleet, snow, and blustery winds takes it's toll on me and mustering up the strength to get outside during the winter months proves to be a bit of a challenge for this tropical girl. To combat my aversion to the cold, I resort to finding coats that keep me both cozy and warm, and satisfy my obsession to look cute. This season, I've turned into a bit of a coat hoarder, but the styles out there are just too good to pass up. They're functional and fashionable and they won't break your bank account! They're almost changing my opinion of the winter!

1. First on my list is the Teddy Bear Coat. This one in particular is a Marc Jacobs from a couple years ago, but there are a ton like it out there now. If you visit Urban Outfitters or Revolve , you can pick up a very similar affordable piece. It's cozy, it's fluffy, and the color goes with just about everything.

It might seem a little fancy for some, but for me this coat is actually really versatile. It's great paired with jeans, leather pants, or something shiny and sexy. Wear it to one of your fabulous Holiday Parties and you'll be the belle of the ball before even stepping into the room! I found this one at Pretty Little Things for $90. Jump out of the basic black winter coat norm, and try something sassy and fun!

Unless you live under a rock you haven't noticed that Puffer Coats are the "it" jacket this season. I'm in love with everything about this trend, not because of the warmth factor of these jackets, but they are also really versatile and can be paired with jeans, sweats, or a slinky slip dress. It's all acceptable with one of these puffers. I picked this one up at Forever 21, but Zara has an amazing one that's similar for $89. I love the vinyl look too, which is also so hot right now. It just gives this jacket a lux feel you might not get from your average Northface puffer. H & M has a great selection in various colors, and even Target has s great silver Puffer Coat from their WhoWhatWear collection. You cannot go wrong this winter with one of these babies!

This season H & M has a great selection of long to mid-length coats that are both stylish and affordable. If you want to feel like you're wearing a blanket to face the cold, this is the coat for you. Like I mentioned, I'm no fan of the frigid air, but if I have a coat that will wrap me up and make me feel like I'm sitting in front of a warm fire, I'm all in. I love the length of this coat, the neutral gray color and the soft fabric. You can wear this over your holiday finest or pair it with sweats and sneaks to make that mid morning coffee run. And again, it won't break the bank! It's only $69!

People who know me, know I can be a little daring and out there, so it's no surprise that I own one (or two) wildly colored fur coats. Right now there are so many great, brightly colored fur coats to purchase that my head gets dizzy! The only setback is that my coat closet is bursting at the seems and I might require some sort of intervention if I purchase one more "that I absolutely need." They are just so good. If you jump on any site like H&M, Zara, ASOS, Misquided or Revolve, the fur coats are endless. Plus they're affordable because they're faux. I bought this plush pink JCrew coat last year after seeing it on the runways of NYFW and totally obsessed about it. Now you can find a similar piece on ASOS for $220. Just like all of the above mentioned coats, this one can also be worn with almost anything, because it's just that fabulous. Seriously. You need something like this in your closet.

When you live in a place that only gets about eight hours of light during the day in the winter months, you have to find ways to stay happy and light. For me that's a wardrobe stocked with fabulous coats. If I'm feeling like I've got a bad case of the winter blues, all I have to do is reach for that bright furry coat and I can snap myself out of it! Go ahead and check out some of these options for yourself and I promise you, your mood will change! Plus you'll be cozy, warm and absolutely gorgeous!



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