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Braving the Red Boot Craze

When you live in a small town, trying styles that trickle down from the runway can be scary. There is a comfort in keeping with the status quo when it comes to trends, and it's easy to stay in your fashion comfort zone. During fall fashion week, just about every designer had some form of this glorious trend on the runway, and every fashionista and influencer was caught on camera strutting the red boot obsession. But here's the question..How does one adopt this trend in a little town without drawing raised eyebrows and whispers from onlookers while shopping for eggs and milk at the local grocery store? My advice is to just jump right in and own it.

I know that considering the current state of the world, this is not a thought provoking idea or subject of great importance... or is it? Sometimes I feel like taking a little risk through fashion is an avenue or a chance to take bigger risks in life. I know we do care about other peoples' opinions, but at what cost? Do we choose our clothing to blend in or to stand out? Do we choose to avoid fun new funky trends because we just want to fit in and it would be too outrageous? Are we afraid of what our neighbors would think? And why does that matter?

I feel like trying new things enriches me, and I tend to apply this to my sartorial life too. It can be more complicated than it seems when you live in a tiny town where everyone knows you, or knows your mom! Heaven forbid I embarrass my mother! Still, taking little risks like wearing red boots can be liberating. I say go for it. And if someone on the treadmill at the YMCA mentions to your mother that they saw you in crazy shoes, take it as a compliment!

Red boots are sexy and fun, and a little outrageous. Because they make such a bold statement, I like to pair them with neutral colors. Here I wore my Steve Madden boots with jeans from H & M, a neutral mock turtle neck, wrap coat from Zara, and a vintage Gucci tote. And just an F.Y.I. for those of you who love shopping for vintage finds. Head over to Tradesy for some amazing deals. One of my serious obsessions. For more styling ideas move on over to the Lookbook page on The Wether Girl!

My advice to you this fall: Toss out your black booties and be daring this fall! Raise those eyebrows and embrace the bold. You only live once!

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