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Welcome to The Wether Girl

Who am I? Well that’s a funny question. I feel like I am so many different things and I think that’s why I decided to start this blog. I’m a 47 year old woman. I’m a mom of two amazing pre-teen kids. I’m the wife of an incredible man who has led our family down a crazy unconventional life path. I’m a devoted friend, daughter, sister. I’m a teacher, a singer, a designer, runner, dance-off winner… and my list goes on.

Currently I reside in the glorious Pacific Northwest, where our beautiful summers will take your breath away, and our winters will take your sanity away. This hasn’t always been the case. Although I started in this space, I spent much of my life experiencing places like West Africa, Europe, and Mexico. My life, my loves, and my passions have roots in foreign lands, and my stories (and there are many) are drawn from my crazy life abroad, as well as maneuvering life in a very small town.

So why write a blog? Aren’t there enough blogs out there already? Well, maybe, but a blog that matters, a blog that is the writer, that becomes the person behind the words, that is the blog I’m after. Unique stories that motivate and resonate, of failures, and victories, hilarity, truth, and turmoil. Writing that reaches out to connect, honor, and motivate. Shared experiences that are relatable, laughable, energizing, and creative. This is what drives me.

I want to throw open the door and welcome you into my life and my world. The crazy world of an edgy, fashion-loving, family-first kind of woman. I want to dish with girlfriends about what we all go through- real life stuff. The good, the bad, and the ugly (you know those “not your finest moments” moments)?? I’m laying it all out…

I want to talk to you about serious topics that bring women together, like purpose, fears, the art of mothering and “wife-ing”. Laughable topics, like “middle age” (really????), keeping up the sexy and keeping away from the mom jeans.. Style, beauty, current trends… a bit of everything that defines my life!

I hope you’ll join me on this ride, and decide if my story is the unique one you’ve been craving. Girlfriends, shit is about to get real.



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